Welcome to the Seabrook Village Association. The Association is made up of Village Homeowners in an attractive development that provides an enjoyable place to live and protects property values of home investments for years to come. By acquiring property in Seabrook Village you become a member of the Seabrook Village Association.

Seabrook Village came into being in 1974 when the Redbrook Corporation acquired land in Mashpee to sub-divide into one-hundred and fifty-six building lots, each being approximately 12,000 square feet in size. In addition approximately 40 acres of “Common Land,” was set aside for the use and enjoyment of future Seabrook Village homeowners. At approximately the same time The Seabrook Village Association (The Association) was created for the purpose of managing, improving, and safekeeping of the Common Land, and for administering the overall land use following the Covenants & Bylaws established for that purpose.  

The Association is governed by a registered Declaration of Covenants and By-Laws, and by a five to nine member Board of Directors who are elected annually by Association members. The Board includes the President, Vice President, Clerk, Treasurer, and Committee Chairpersons. Board Members may serve for three consecutive years. The Board meets once a month and meetings are open to any member in good standing.  

The Committees of the Association are:  

Architectural Control Committee: Responsible for reviewing and approving new home construction, including landscaping; the approval of any and all exterior changes and/or modifications to existing homes, including landscaping. The Committee ensures that all such building, modifications and improvements are done in accordance with the Covenants and By-Laws, and with the approved Architectural Control Committee Guidelines.  

Streets and Common Areas Committee: While the streets are now owned by the Town of Mashpee, this committee is responsible for the maintenance of Association common areas, including the entranceways, main island, cul-de-sac islands, mail kiosk, and tennis courts and parking lot.  

Hospitality Committee-SVA Emissary: Responsible for greeting new members, and planning and coordinating the Association Annual Meeting.  

Please take some time to review and become familiar with the Covenants and By-Laws, and with the Architectural Control Committee Guidelines. If you have any questions or would like to discuss Association details, please call the number shown below and a Board member will return your call.  

It is our desire that you thoroughly enjoy living in Seabrook Village, and that you will become an active participant in the ongoing activities and operation of the Association.  

Seabrook Village Association   508-534-5525
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